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Thursday, 15 November 2012

MNDR: Miaow!

MNDR's Amanda at 375 Hudson Street

In the past year she's toured with Duran Duran and Shiny Toy Guns. MNDR's Amanda Warner is a quirky cool cat, that's for sure. I asked her some Saatchi & Saatchi related music and advertising questions before she spun at their 'Thirsty Thursday' happy hour earlier today:

If you could license one of your tracks to an advert, which brand would it be for?
I am really feeling the Kmart ad campaign right now. However, I would love to have a song in the Channel and Louis Vuitton campaigns. The reason being is that they use music in such a powerful way that I stop everything I am doing to watch it and I donʼt even own a TV.

Youʼre a regular tweeter. What do you love and hate about Twitter and other social media sites?
I actually LOVE twitter and was one of the earlier people on twitter as an artist. I am very active on all of my social media sites such as my blog, facebook, twitter…etc. The thing I donʼt like about social media is when people buy “likes” or “followers”. It just makes the whole idea of building a loyal and true fan base worthless and cynical.

Which brands could you not live without?
My Sol Republic headphones, SoundToys VST Synths, and my Apple Computer, phone…everything.

Whatʼs the best use of music youʼve seen in an advert?
As of right now, I am obsessed with Kmartʼs use of Das Racist in their fall campaign. Every time I hear it I stop and stare.

You have the chance to invent a new variety of Cheerios. What flavor would they be?
Pizza, taco, and macaroni and cheese..rios

If you could go back to one era of time anywhere, where would it be?
I would love to be a fly on the wall during the formation of the United States of America. The founding fathers were such dreamers without restrictions. It changed the world. I would also like to be at the riots after the performance and ballet of Stravinskyʼs Rite Of Spring. Can you imagine art causing riots and fires? Amazing and powerful.

If MNDR was a color what would it be and why?
If you are an MNDR fan you know that my favorite color is chrome, because chrome has turned into a color and not a chemical process.

Video for #1 In Heaven

Photography by Sophie Ellis
14th November 2012
375 Hudson Street

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