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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Jazz & Colors

'The Pond' in Central Park

Nuts were aplenty in Central Park this afternoon. Squillions of squirrels were cracking them open in their leafy dens. Branches laced with reds, yellows and greens hung above us beneath a clear sky. Autumn was out in full flirt and what better wingman than 30 bands in 30 Central Park locations with 1 set-list to make us fall at her feet in adoration.
Nut-cracking season in New York 
A free public concert, 'Jazz & Colors' took a four-hour residency in Manhattan's Mecca for nature-lovers. Map-in-hand I wondered from spot to spot to be greeted by topical tunes like 'Skating in Central Park' and 'Autumn in New York'. A mix of jazz standards also featured on the set-list, like 'Nature Boy' and 'Body and Soul', which I saw performed by championed soul-singer Stephanie McKay

Stephanie McKay with Jacques Schwartz-Bart Quartet
The park-wide concert ended with 'Empire State of Mind', the NYC themed collaboration between Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. This wasn't to the taste of The Wayne Escoffery Quartet, but featured-vocalist Carolyn Leonhart gave it a go anyway.

The Wayne Escoffery Quartet with Carolyn Leonhart
Photography by Sophie Ellis
10th November 2012
Central Park

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