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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Grouplove: generic with a splash of colour

Grouplove @ Terminal 5, NYC
First night out since Sandy struck and I was keen for some feel-good beats... Sorry Grouplove, but I just wasn't digging it. The first two songs showed promise - I swayed amongst the High School Kids crowd. But what followed was, to be frank, dull. At one point the monkey in my head clawed at my brain in desperation.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh. My feet were killing from my New Look bargain brogues after all, and the iPhone-obsessed teens in front of me were treading on my toes. (I wasn't in the best of moods). But the only tunes that really razzled my dazzle (whatever that means) were 'Tongue Tied', 'Colours' and 'Itchin' On A Photograph'. And the latter only kept me awake for its first 54 seconds.

Most of the surrounding youngsters seemed to be in euphoria though, and the finale was truly a spectacle. A trillion shreds of brightly coloured paper pummelled at our faces. I was transported back to childhood, a toddler again, happily submerged in a pool of coloured balls.
Drowned in colour at Terminal 5

Photography by Sophie Ellis
2nd November 2012
Terminal 5, NYC

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