Bandwagon noun (pl. bandwagons) 1. A large wagon used to carry a band of musicians in a parade.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Rare Treat from Taylor Eigsti & Gretchen Parlato

Saturday night and I find myself in the front row of NYC's 'The Jazz Gallery', an intimate upstairs space at 290 Hudson Street. This is a special occasion, not only because Gretchen Parlato and Taylor Eigsti have only played a handful of shows as a duo, but it's likely the last time either of them will perform at this historical spot again due to venue relocation.

The pair start off the evening with a rendition of Herbie Hancock's 'Butterfly' and go on to play their soothing version of Simply Red's 'Holding Back The Years' to the audience's satisfaction. Throughout the set we are struck by the musical bond between Gretchen and Taylor, who we are told are "very fond of each other". 

Gretchen reflects on The Jazz Gallery's near-future move, saying, "It's very true, home is where the heart is so whatever venue they find we will create it and fill it with love. But it is nice to just appreciate this space because historically I'm sure we'll all walk by this corner and be like 'I remember when that was a jazz club'. And it's very special but we can definitely create this elsewhere."

Regulars are holding their breath for news on where the jazz hub will live next year. Wednesday night's second fundraiser concert, with performances from Brad Mehldau amongst others, could be the night when Deborah Steinglass, Executive Director, announces this. 

Parlato's popular cover of 'Holding Back The Years'

Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Temper Trap: "Thank you for sticking it out"

TTT - Friday 12th October in NYC

Tonight most of the Big Apple's boys are huddled in bachelor pads cracking open bottles of beer and chomping chicken legs; it's the Yankees' end of season playoff. But New York City's Roseland Ballroom, teeming with giggling girls, has managed to kidnap the odd begrudging boyfriend for the next two hours. By the time The Temper Trap have finished, the game will be a distant musing to them.

There's a subdued atmosphere after a short set from support act 'The Neighbourhood' doesn't exactly end with a bang. The clock is ticking and we're restless for our Aussie sweethearts to assemble on stage. And when they do rock up, boy do we know it. Flashes of red and a heavy bass that could knock out an elephant hit us. We look up, noses vibrating, to see silhouettes slinking in and out of the strobe lighting.

TTT pull out material from their 2012 self-titled second album to welcoming ears. Songs like 'London's Burning' and 'Trembling Hands' are performed with awe-inspiring showmanship and conviction by lead singer Dougy Mandagi. And of course old favourites 'Love Lost' and 'Fader' result in screams of joy.

Time flies and soon enough we are pleading for the encore. "Thank you for sticking it out with us...I know (the second album) was a bit different" exclaims Dougy. The final stint of the show includes the usual water drumming, a heart-wrenching rendition of 'I'm Gonna Wait' and the classic 'Sweet Disposition'.

A good job well done by The Temper Trap. And the New York Yankees didn't come off too shabbily either, beating the Baltimore Orioles 3-1.

'Trembling Hands' from TTT's second album