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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Shining the Limelight on Lucy Rose

At Dot To Dot Manchester in June

She’s cute. She’s blonde. She loves Downton Abbey. The teeny-framed Lucy Rose is finally getting the support she deserves. She’s currently on Radio 1’s B-list for new single ‘Lines’ and we’ll need a large abacus to count the number of festival stages she’ll have stepped foot on by the end of this Summer. I joined her on a promenade towards RockNess’s main stage where the Olympic torch was about to be waved and managed to ask her a few questions along the way…

You’ve done lots of singing and playing on YouTube, but how do you find performing on a much bigger stage?

It’s completely different. Luckily I’ve had some really good support, some nice support slots with Noah and the Whale and Bombay Bicycle Club. I think it’s really helped me and the band get used to not being too over-whelmed if we are playing a big stage. Whether it’s someone’s sitting room or a huge stage I’m just constantly a wreck of nerves.

What ‘s your favourite item of clothing?

Ooh…I just wear comfort clothing. A jumper or some trainers.

What’s your favourite Bombay Bicycle Club song?

Lights Out, Words Gone.

Favourite town to play in?

Rio de Janeiro. Never played it but I’d like to.

If you could be at one food van right now what would it be?

Ice cream van because I can’t have dairy before I sing and now I’ve finished so I’m on a dairy binge!

What other things do you need to do to keep your voice in shape?

Drink lots of water, sleep.

Favourite band ever?

Oh my god… Big question. Err Neil Young is probably my all time musician.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at RockNess purely in a physical sense?

Just ‘cos I fancy them you mean?! (laughs) Ooh God I don’t know who’s on the bill! I’ll go with the whole of Noah and The Whale, they're a fit band.

If you could dye your hair one colour what would it be?

 Oh my god! Black.


I think I would be funny. Imagine me with really black hair! If I just went complete goth. A bit like Kate Nash, she’s gone all goth hasn’t she!

Are you going to celebrate the Olympics in any way?

I’m not a big partyer myself but I’m guna embrace it as much as I can and be proud. 

Here's Lucy Rose's single form earlier this year, Red Face. 


Interview with Lucy Rose at RockNess Festival by Sophie Ellis on Saturday 9th June 2012. 
Photography by Sophie Ellis at Dot To Dot Manchester on Monday 4th June 2012.

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