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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Radio Music Society is nearly with us!

Radio Song - Esperanza Spalding

Having seen Esperanza Spalding at the Barbican performing her 2010 album 'Chamber Music Society', I am thrilled that more people are cottoning on to her brilliance. She released her music video for new single 'Radio Song' last week, which gives much promise to the soon-to-be-released album Radio Music Society. The tune's striking, funked up bass line, warm percussion and silky vocals provoke my shoulders to go all salsa on me. The lyrics of the catchy chorus certainly speak the truth: "This song's the one / You can't help singing along, even though you never heard it". 

A Bonus DVD demonstrating Esperanza's inspiration for each track through eleven conceptual videos shot across the world will also be available. One such is 'Black Gold', which premiered during Black History Month. Esperanza points out that the song's function is to encourage black pride in young boys, reminiscing, "I remember meetings when I was in elementary school about being strong as young black women, and I don't think the boys had those meetings. This song is meant to speak to those young men". 

The footage already online is a virtual fruit bowl, bursting with rich flavours and colours. And although she has jazz pumping through her veins, Esperanza asserts she has "tried to put together a program of music that speaks to the non-jazz listener, but can still provoke a viable foundation for my jazz heroes to express themselves". My ears are ready and waiting in anticipation of the rest of the album...


Here's an entertaining interview with her on The Guardian from a few days back:

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